Video Ads


Connect with your potential customers by letting them experience your brand's look, sound and feel.  

Spread your message

Video is the best way to get your message out to your potential customers. 

Seal the deal

A solid promotional video entices your audience to take action on your offer.

The Power of Video

These days, a print ad or static photo Facebook ad can only go so far.  What really sets a company and brand apart is the consumer experience. 

Think of it like a first date.  Wouldn't you rather have a sense of who your date is (how they sound, how they speak and how they carry themselves) before you commit to a night out on the town?

Your potential customer needs to connect with your company's values and brand before they decide to take you up on whatever you're offering.  This is about how you make them FEEL in your video ad.  

A video ad gets your potential customer excited about your message or solution to their problem.  Seal the deal with an awesome video ad that'll make your competition cry!

Video ADS

There are so many types of video ads to choose from!  Here is just one example, complete with logo animation at the end. 

Need a voice over for your project?

Video Ads

These days, your business needs content to feed its social pages. Videosplash Productions can create a series of short videos for your social networks, YouTube channel and even for live events or trade shows. Here's an example.